The Costs For Retirement At Sun Tower:

The rental rates (which range from $455 to $1,040 depending on location and type of unit) include all utilities: electric heat, air conditioning, water, and garbage service.  In addition, a Security deposit equal to one month’s rent and a deposit of $2.25 for two keys is required.

Floors 5-7:

A. Studio————–$455 per month
B. Center Bedroom—$598 per month
C. Corner Bedroom—$622 per month
D. Deluxe Bedroom—$912 per month

Floors 8-11:

A. Studio—————$520 per month
B. Center Bedroom—-$644 per month
C. Corner Bedroom—-$668 per month
D. Deluxe Bedroom —$1,040 per month

Additional cost of $210.00 per month for Evening Meal at Sun Tower.