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Jan 3, 2017 People choose wood plastic composite (WPC) or even plastic lumber (PL) over wood because they want the finished project to resist rot, wood-eating insects, harsh sunlight, and mold and mildew, and Finally, most consumer-grade WPC and PL can't be used structurally, such as for joists or corner posts. 【Get Price】

Watch This Video Before Removing Ceiling Joists or Roof Rafter Ties

Feb 7, 2014 Click on this link for more house framing repair and building tips. Watch this video before removing ceiling joists or roof rafter ties and save yourself a lot of frustration and quite possibly thousands of dollars in home damage repairs. Ceiling ties are important and 【Get Price】

RISA Wood Design Training Manual

Now let's model this beam using the spreadsheets. ? Open the Wood as your material,. Select “Beam” from the “Assign a Section Set” dropdown menu. 84. WPC Training Manual. ? In the Floors spreadsheet- assign the Area Load to the floors. 2nd Floor = Floor. 3rd Floor = Floor. 4th Floor = Floor. Roof = Roof. Let's start 【Get Price】

Wood Framing Ceiling Joist Laps Connections - Home Building Tips

Sep 25, 2011 Click on this link to learn more about roof framing, home building and repairs. Watch this video to learn more about home framing. The ceiling joist laps are structural connections that hold the outside walls and the interior walls together. Make sure that you happen 【Get Price】

How to Replace the Rafters Without Removing the Roof Hunker

Jan 5, 2012 Most roofs have either a system of rafters and joists or of trusses. Rafter and joist systems are made up of two pieces of wood that run directly beneath the roofing surface and give it its shape, while joists bridge the gap between the two rafter ends and support the whole thing. Over time, roof 【Get Price】

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How to install your Composite Decking WPC Decking How to install your Composite Decking. . Fix decking boards to joists. . The use of plastic T-Clips helps ensure these gaps are maintained. What Type Of Wood Is Used For Deck Joists Floor joists are used to support , The two most common types of floor joists are natural 【Get Price】

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Let?s look at some common problems and how you can fix or avoid them. Bracing Many builders and remodelers use joist hanger nails to support the hangers they use to carry joists or even beams. . Usually this becomes a problem for ceiling joists under low-slope roofs or when you use a beam as an upset header. 【Get Price】

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Ceiling Repair: Fix a Sagging Ceiling Family Handyman You either have to replace 1/2-in. drywall with 5/8-in. or add furring strips and a second layer o. If your ceiling drywall is sagging between joists, sometimes called “pillowing,” it's probably on the top floor and attached to the roof trusses. If so, I As if that weren't enough 【Get Price】

Rebuilding a Rotted Deck on a Flat Roof - Extreme How To

May 22, 2013 Since the structural rim joist was rotted, this was necessary to support the ceiling joists and our body weight. Accessing the Outer Rim Joist. In order to replace the outer rim joist and insert new framing into the joist bay, we needed to be able to actually stand on the outside of the roof. Because all of the 【Get Price】