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Exterior Deck Coating ITW

Carrier Flight Decks. Our Anti-Slip Coatings were first developed for military use on the decks of America's aircraft carriers. They have kept US Navy personnel and equipment safe from slips, falls, and skids under the most extreme conditions imaginable for over 50 years. In what the military terms a “controlled crash,” our 【Get Price】

Intershield 5150LWT - International Marine Coatings

Light weight, high durability, epoxy non-skid deck coating. Developed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-24667 Types I, II and V, Composition G and L. 【Get Price】

Amercoat Epoxy Non-skid coatings - CG Edwards

Oct 10, 2016 U. S. Naval Ships' Technical Manual, Chapter 631. Military Sealift Command Instructions 4750.2. Approval - MIL-PRF-24667A. Typical Uses Offshore platform decks. Helicopter pads. Aircraft hanger floors. Vehicular decks. Truck ramps. Exposed walkways of all types. Any areas where heavy-duty non-skid 【Get Price】

Antislip - Owatrol Coatings USA

Owatrol's Antislip wood protection uses polypropylene wax microbead to create a non-slip surface which can also protect all wood species from UV damage. Making decking around swimming pools safer; Protecting hot tub surrounds whilst maintaining beauty; Safeguarding steps and walkways; Treating pontoons and 【Get Price】

Non Slip Safety Coating Non Slip Epoxy Coating Non Skid Deck

This easy to use epoxy non slip coating is excellent for use on wood, aluminum, steel, concrete and fiberglass. 9 colors available in aerosol You can apply this premium floor coating to multiple surface types, including: wood, concrete, asphalt, steel, aluminum, tile, porcelain, fiberglass, and more. It contains an extremely 【Get Price】

Jota Armour – non-slip coating for decks and walkways Jotun

Product type: Anticorrosive coating. Area of use: Helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks, drill decks, escape routes, decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required. It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures. Substrate: Approved primers, carbon steel and concrete 【Get Price】

Non-skid Deck Applications : BoatUS Foundation

Nov 23, 1995 The foundation recently tested seven types of non-skid surfaces that can be applied to decks, cockpits, cabins, galleys, and engine rooms to increase traction and prevent slips and falls. We were Interlux 2398 Polymeric Nonskid Compound and Monster Grip Epoxy Non-Skid Safety Coating. While the 【Get Price】

Military Grade Exterior Non-Skid Deck Coatings American Safety

American Safety Technologies MIL Spec exterior non-skid deck coatings – one and two component military grade epoxy anti slip coatings withstand the impact of 170 mph fighter jet landings and are resistant to Skydrol hydraulic fluid, oil, grease, caustic chemicals, and some of the world's harshest weather conditions. 【Get Price】

Into the Coatings: Anti-Slip Deck Coatings CoatingsPro Magazine

Oct 29, 2014 There are also non-abrasive slip-resistant coatings, such as the 400-L series (the “L” means Limited), which may use non-abrasives such as glass, cork, or aluminum; these types of anti-skid coatings are generally used in the landing area on an aircraft carrier flight deck so as not to damage the arresting 【Get Price】

MS-440G High Solids Non-Slip Deck Coating Chockfast

MS-440G is a high solids, two-part, general purpose non-slip deck coating designed to provide maximum wear and impact resistance for U.S. Naval vessels. Fire retardant in the cured state, MS-440G is resistant to fire and jet blast, most acids, alkalies, solvents, grease, oil, salt water, detergents, alcohol, gasoline, jet fuels, 【Get Price】

Materials and paints,Other non-slip materials - All boating and

GISA TEX? special Coating Type 2416 is for the renewal of antislip floor surfaces in both internal and external Areas. GISA TEX? special Coating Type 2416 is for the renewal of antislip floor surfaces in both internal and external areas. More information. ship coating / professional vessel / non-slip Special Coating Type 【Get Price】

Non Skid Marine Coatings Non Skid Paint for Boats

Non-Skid Coatings - A single stage aggregate added coating originally formulated for use on the working decks on vessels in the Alaskan fishing fleet. 【Get Price】

Chemsol Navy G MIL-PRF-24667, Non-Skid, Military Grade

Chemsol Navy G Anti-Skid Safety Coating is a high solids, two-component fast curing epoxy anti-skid floor and deck coating (non-slip paint). coating. The application surface should be prepped and cleaned in accordance with application instructions; surface preparation varies depending on the type of surface involved. 【Get Price】

MIL-PRF-24667C type 1 and 2 Comp G Randogrip Navy G *QPL*

Randogrip Navy G is a rugged two-component low V.O.C. deck coating engineered to provide non skid coating systems application to weather decks, flight decks and hangar decks of air capable amphibious aviation and aviation ships. This military grade anti-slip coating is also ideal for use in warehouses wherever tough 【Get Price】

CoatingsPro's Greatest Hits: Anti-Slip Deck Coatings CoatingsPro

Feb 6, 2017 Non-skid coatings are frequently under scrutiny due to the critical service they provide for the Navy. The most critical structure where non-skid coatings are applied to is on Navy flight decks. This class of coating must meet multiple criteria depending on the class of ship and type of aircraft landing on its 【Get Price】

flat top innovation - Castolin Eutectic

furnace temperatures from their jet exhausts, and extreme jetwash. Besides surviving this heat and pressure, the landing areas have to maintain a non-slip surface to prevent the aircraft skidding as the ships pitch and yaw at sea. These two demands, seemingly in direct conflict, had to be solved with a new type of coating for 【Get Price】

Get a Grip With Anti-Slip Coatings - Rust-Oleum

Don't let safety or productivity go slip sliding away! Improve your safe work practices and help reduce on-the-job injuries with anti-slip floor coatings for all types of environments. From locker rooms to loading docks, walkways and warehouses Rust-Oleum's line of anti-slip solutions are designed to keep everyone sure-footed 【Get Price】