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If there is a history of water problems, I advise you to either eliminate the water problem completely before considering any renovation like this, or instead go with carpet placed directly on the slab (or with padding). Water under a raised floor can be a real problem virtually impossible to dry out and a real mildew magnet! 【Get Price】

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It is needed only if a concrete floor is in poor condition. Despite the name, some smoothing is needed for the best surface. The floor may be raised by the subfloor and flooring, so you may need to trim the lower edge of a door after laying flooring. Preparing the Surface Thoroughly clean the floor. Do not lay compound over 【Get Price】

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Jan 28, 2014 Finally tackling the workshop area. This is the building of it! 【Get Price】

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Apr 17, 2010 Sarit, first of all, forget the mastic. The VOC's are going to be real high. I would use Tapcons to secure the PT to the floor. Ramset is dangerous and can cause spalling in the concrete. Then ply over the sleepers first, then your build up, then more ply, then the flooring. You do it this way to create a stable floor. 【Get Price】

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Is there a simple cheap way to make an un-insulated slab with all the insulation placed on top of the slab, then a plywood sub-floor placed on top of the . If most of the foam insulation was under the concrete slab, but a one-inch layer was put above the slab, then a layer of plywood (as Tom W suggested), 【Get Price】

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I'm thinking of building a floor structure over the concrete. This would give me a nice level and flat floor that I can run wires under, duct work for HVAC, as well as give us a nice feel to the floor, instead of sub-floor and wood flooring right over a fresh level slab. I only want to raise it up a minimal amount. 【Get Price】

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Install a wooden subfloor to help insulate flooring from cold concrete. A little bit of work You can install laminate, engineered wood, resilient flooring, and many other finished flooring materials directly over a dry concrete slab. However a wooden lie on the same plane. Insert cedar shims to raise the sleepers at low spots. 【Get Price】

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Question: I would like to put a raised floor in my dinning room, only the height of a 2×4. The problem is it's a concrete slab. I'm not sure what to put under the treated 2×4's to get started. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank You. Answer: Dear Len. Read my article on how and what wood floors are best 【Get Price】

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A basic wooden-framed, raised floor installed on sleepers is insulated against the colder concrete. Plywood sheathing provides a substrate for flooring. Those who have some carpentry experience and tools can install a false floor over a basement slab with the help of one or more assistants. The job starts by clearing the 【Get Price】