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Mar 21, 2014 Researchers have developed microstructured lightweight construction materials of highest stability. Although their density is below that of water, their stability relative to their weight exceeds that of massive materials, such as high-performance steel or aluminum. The lightweight construction materials are 【Get Price】

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Sep 11, 2014 The materials are very strong and light enough to float through the air like a feather. The work is published today in the journal Science. In conventional materials, strength, weight, and density are correlated. Ceramics, for example, are strong but also heavy, so they can't be used as structural materials 【Get Price】

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Magnesium alloys are one example of these lightweight materials to replace heavy alloys in the automotive and aerospace industries, resulting in savings in fuel consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Magnesium alloys have a variety of excellent properties, including a high strength-to-weight ratio, low density, 【Get Price】

New metal alloy has highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal

Dec 12, 2014 Strong but light, high specific strength metals such as titanium, aluminium, and magnesium are often used in aerospace design, where any increase in weight is a major concern. "The density is comparable to aluminum, but it is stronger than titanium alloys,” lead researcher and materials science and 【Get Price】

Microstructured materials as strong as steel yet less dense than water

Apr 14, 2014 Researchers have developed a lightweight, high-strength material inspired by the framework structure of bones and wood and the shell structure of bees' honeycombs. It was found that a honeycomb polymer structure with an alumina coating of 50 nm yielded the highest stability to density ratio. 【Get Price】

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1/8 cell structural core faced with 1/8 HDF. High density structural core takes lightweight panels to the next level; Easily apply face materials (veneer, laminate, and coatings); Finish with a variety of edge options; Rigid face material supports selected methods of attachment; Optional skin thicknesses are available 【Get Price】

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The high density of lead makes it an ideal ballast material; however, there are price, environmental and health concerns involved with its use. Unlike the proposed BP “Top Kill” operation which used light weight drilling mud (pictured below), the Chesapeake solution utilizes HDM? which weighs approximately 300 【Get Price】

5 Lightweight Protective Materials: Ceramics, Polymers, and Metals

High-temperature refractory ceramic materials offer a unique combination of physical and mechanical properties that in turn can offer favorable protection against high-velocity armor-piercing bullets (see Chapter 2). Ceramics feature high hardness, high elastic modulus, low density, sufficient flexure, and good compressive 【Get Price】

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Nov 13, 2012 This means that while these low-density materials retain benefits such as high specific surface area (total surface area for a material per specified unit), they lack the stiffness, strength, energy absorption and conductivity of heavier materials. HRL researchers created a material that is both ultralight and 【Get Price】

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1.1 Today's Lightweight Materials. The distinguishing feature of the materials covered in this book is that they all have low densities. Densities range from as low as 0.80 g/cm3 (0.030 lb/in.3) for unfilled polymers to as high as 4.5 g/cm3 (0.160 lb/in.3) for tita- nium. While the density of titanium is high compared to unfilled 【Get Price】