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5 Renter-Friendly Temporary Wall Covering Solutions

Disguise a wall mural or ugly paint with these simple, budget-friendly tricks. (If you have a similar situation but with a slightly less offensive wall mural – maybe ugly tile or something – you could work with it by bringing out the colors in your decor, It's cheap: you can pick up some cheap curtains for about $15 at ikea. 2. 【Get Price】

How to hide the ugly: 5 cheap tricks for renters Offbeat Home & Life

Jul 8, 2013 Hide the ugly. Our first priority was giving everything a good scrub. It was a crappy way to spend our first weekend here but it brightened things up a bit. Unfortunately it also showed us that some walls were beyond saving. So we bought some coloured bulbs for the lounge, lit some candles and hey presto! 【Get Price】

7 Cheap, Stylish and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Walls Without Using

Sep 21, 2017 These ideas will spruce up your home's walls without using a lick of paint. Each one stylishly hides unsightly eyesores like holes, dings, and dents. 【Get Price】

10 DIY Wall Covering Ideas Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

Aug 6, 2016 Then cover it with anything your heart desires. I used craft supplies, but you could do Nerf Guns in a boys bedroom, Makeup in a girls bedroom or bathroom. So many possibilities! This blogger covered an entire wall with pegboard for craft storage! Cheap and stylish! 3. Easy Shiplap in the Dining Room– 【Get Price】

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Jul 7, 2016 I'm sure everyone has experienced the dismay of moving into a home and decorating it to perfection only to have a wall spoil it all. The monsoon rain, as well as extreme temperature, can play havoc on the walls of the average Indian home, causing seepage or cracks that make it look ugly. Often the 【Get Price】

10 ways to dress up your walls without paint Offbeat Home & Life

Mar 23, 2011 Photo by Elaphurus. Used under Creative Commons license. You can pick out a lively roll of fabric (hi, Mexican oilcloth!), soak it in starch, and adhere it to the wall. It's purported to be easy to remove, though I don't even have secondhand experiences with that. Here's a simple tute using spray starch. 【Get Price】

10 wonderful ways to hide ugly walls - Homify

Jul 8, 2016 Whether it be because of a recurring water spot, a hideous series of pushpin holes, old Sheetrock or just a patent plainness, we all agree it would be best if we could hide these walls. That's why we have put together a list of ten ideas for concealing ugly walls, from the expensive to the cheap DIY. 【Get Price】

36 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home - BuzzFeed

Jan 3, 2014 Take those ugly household fixtures from ugh to ugh-MAZING. Use an inexpensive printed canvas from IKEA to hide your flatscreen TV. A TV doesn't have to be the centerpiece of your living . In this situation, there were pipes on the wall so wallpaper or tiles weren't an option. The pegboard also 【Get Price】

You CAN pretty up your apartment walls without paint! Apt Ideas

You CAN pretty up your apartment walls without paint! 【Get Price】